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Victorian Village Collection
Victorian Village Collection

Victorian Village Collection

From the years [TL_HIDDEN] 1, and 2002 editions, as well as other miscellaneous figures. All have been well kept over the years, with most being in their original boxes. All the items included are listed below. $200 OBO 1999: Old towne fish pier Snowshoe mountain lodge Old towne ice cutters Slades barn Firehouse no. 1 Tree and wreath shop Grayson's glassworks with smoking chimney Oyster bay lighthouse Old towne bell tower Trout lake resort 2000: Old towne trainer Old towne horse-drawn fire engine Paul's church Mini figures 2001: Old towne mill 2002: Carriage Misc figures: Cheswicks nursery school Frosts ice house Ski rental Balloon rental

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Victorian Village Collection in Alexandria

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