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Dodge - Charger - 2015
Dodge - Charger - 2015

Dodge - Charger - 2015

Attention: You do not have to be bind to this long term contract tou can lease it for a year or two if you choose to!!!! Having trouble getting financed at the dealership look no further. I have here a 2015 Dodge Charger SE with only 76,000 miles. I mean this car can drive from Washington D.C. to Washington state with no problems whatsoever!!! If you're interested in this vehicle and don't mind setting up a legal binding notarized lease agreement. With a down payment of $3,500 or sign over the title to your current vehicle which should be equivalent to the down payment we'll have a guaranteed DEAL!!!!! And not to mention if your having trouble getting insurance i'll add you to the policy

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Dodge - Charger - 2015 in Washington

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